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The DGA Roadshow 2021
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There are multiple projects across the UK. Below are the types of technology being explored.

  • Biogases
  • Gas Networks
  • Hydrogen
  • Industry and Carbon Capture and Storage

National projects


Injected at 89 sites; 6.7 TWh so far.  Policy support through Renewable Heat Incentive

Filling stations

Now 11 LNG and 8 CNG filling stations – 3 of the CNG filling stations are biomethane, allowing an 84% well to wheel CO2 reduction.  Policy support through Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation

Gas Network Upgrade

30-year Iron Mains Risk Reduction Programme replacing distribution mains with polyethylene – suitable to transport 100% hydrogen – will be completed around 2030

Filling Stations

Currently 16 hydrogen filling stations in operation; £23 million Hydrogen for Transport programme will fund 14 further filling stations and deployment of new vehicles


Proposal to convert 100 older trains to hydrogen, to be running from 2022. Department for Transport aim to phase out diesel trains by 2040