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The DGA Roadshow 2021

The DGA Roadshow 2021

Welcome to the Decarbonised Gas Alliance’s UK Roadshow – #GettingNetZeroDone

The Decarbonised Gas Alliance (DGA) is supporting the energy transition through existing asset efficiency and life extension whilst we lead the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy infrastructure.

Alternative energy sources and advances in digital technology are creating a more competitive and dynamic energy market by providing consumers with access to greater choice. As the demand for power continues to grow, as does the need to decarbonise and diversify into alternative sources of energy.          

Society essentials – manufacturing, transport and heat – are hard to decarbonise through electrification alone. We’re working hard to bring change to such sectors to promote the role hydrogen can play, in a bid to provide UK infrastructure a route to decarbonise safely, cost effectively and quickly.

The DGA UK Roadshow 

When: 18th-27th October 2021

Supported by BEIS, Hydrogen Now and the UK Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association

We are proudly working – with the support of BEIS and fellow industry groups – to ensure the DGA UK Roadshow showcases the national, regional, and local benefits that hydrogen can deliver as well as provide clarity around the decarbonised gas value chain. 

As a collective, we are committed to working with government and our member organisations, to create a deliverable pathway to a net zero energy system.

What is the DGA UK Roadshow?

The DGA UK Roadshow is leading the conversation on decarbonised gas, as part of the solution to net zero – bringing together the three core elements of hydrogen use across industry, transport, and heat. 

Travelling from Westminster to COP 26, the DGA UK Roadshow will take in multiple, relevant locations along its route, with the goal of reaching the local community, regional industry, and political stakeholders to raise awareness of the progress being made within the decarbonised gas sector – while also providing a forum for debate, networking, and opportunity exploration.

How to get involved?

We need decarbonised gas to work at scale. This has the ability to keep costs down for households and protect existing jobs – plus create new ones – as well as enhance  our country’s energy security. But we can’t do it alone. There are many ways to get involved:

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