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The Decarbonised Gas Alliance plans response to government on national hydrogen strategy

The Decarbonised Gas Alliance plans response to government on national hydrogen strategy cover image

The Decarbonised Gas Alliance (DGA), a collaboration of over 50 expert organisations, is producing a paper in response to government on the role gas needs to play in the future decarbonisation of UK industrial and domestic use.

In December 2020, the Climate Change Committee (CCC) published its report on the 6th Carbon Budget as part of the approach to meet legally obligated Net Zero Carbon schedules (2050 in England).   The Energy White paper and the Prime Minister’s 10 Point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution were also published highlighting mobilisation of £12 billion of Government investment, to help create 250,000 highly skilled green jobs in the UK.  

The DGA strongly believes that together, these three reports offer clarity, political and financial support and the foundations of an integrated UK net zero energy policy.  This will in turn unlock additional value and jobs for the UK and facilitate delivery of 5GW clean hydrogen by 2030, underpin the biogas market and contribute to the new, decarbonised energy ecosystem.

As a representative body of the gas industry, the DGA wholeheartedly supports this co-ordinated approach and looks forward to contributing to policy and plans specifically in the role that hydrogen and biogases can play, in relation to the formulation of a national hydrogen strategy.  Our response paper will be launched post the March budget announcement.

Sam French, interim Chair of the DGA comments:

The DGA provides a unified voice to support the deployment of low carbon gas solutions that make best use of our existing infrastructure and enable quicker and cheaper decarbonisation. We are committed to working with government and expert organisations of all levels to create a deliverable pathway to net zero emissions.

Read our initial report published in May 2020 explaining to role of decarbonised gas based on Public First research and analysis.