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Hydrogen energy industry set for growth in Wales

Hydrogen energy industry set for growth in Wales cover image

Wales has a new trade association to represent and further the Welsh hydrogen economy, the BBC reports. The body was launched in Cardiff on Wednesday 26th, with Welsh Assembly members also debating how they can assist growth in the sector.

Representatives for the industry say that Wales already has both the business and research clout to boost the development needed, together with the natural resources required.

Dr Jenifer Baxter, chief engineer at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, says there are opportunities across the country.

"For south Wales, the production and use of hydrogen provides us with an opportunity to evolve and transform our industry while leading on decarbonisation.

"There are potential connections between everything from production using by-products of industry, anaerobic digestion and gas using CCS - perhaps with storage offered in Haverfordwest - to end uses in our heating systems, Transport for Wales, and even a chance to work with our engine expertise to look into how we could create a fuel cell centre of excellence."

She said for north Wales there were other options particularly for production, co-generation from offshore wind and nuclear, which could mean that Wales takes a lead in moving towards a low carbon hydrogen economy.

"Our main challenge, like all new low carbon solutions, is building the new infrastructure we need," she added.