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New Decarbonised Gas Alliance report

New Decarbonised Gas Alliance report cover image

A new Decarbonised Gas Alliance report sets out the findings from the most comprehensive investigation into the public’s attitudes to net zero.  The report also recommends specific measures needed to get to net zero emissions in hard-to-decarbonise sectors and deliver economic recovery through decarbonised industrial infrastructure – and the public’s view on them. 

The report and full polling data can be found at  The key findings of the report include:

  • There is strong in principle public support for net zero options – 68% support biomethane buses and trucks, with just 5% opposed, and 50% support a conversion of home heating to hydrogen, with just 18% opposed. 
  • The hard-to-decarbonise sectors – industry, heavy transport and home heating – account for almost 180 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent, 40% of the UK’s total. 
  • Overall, our recommendations show that what government has done to support renewable electricity, with great success, needs to be replicated for decarbonised gas to tackle the hard-to-decarbonise sectors and create jobs in key industries.  The first phases of the decarbonisation projects in Britain’s key industrial clusters would abate 13 million tonnes of CO2 a year, and major investment in hydrogen would see costs fall by half by 2030.

When thinking about post-Covid-19 policy, this report demonstrates the broad support for investment across the UK to decarbonise heavy industry and our gas system.