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The DGA Roadshow 2021

National Grid Gas Transmission: Future of Gas Forum

National Grid Gas Transmission: Future of Gas Forum cover image

The theme for the event is Innovation driving Market Change and to that end we have some exciting speakers lined up to talk through their own innovation projects and what this means for the Gas Markets of the future. These speakers are:    

  • Energy Networks Association – Matthew Hindle (Head of Gas)
  • Tyseley Energy Park – David Horsfall (Director)
  • National Grid Ventures – Andrew Benjamin (Engineering Manager)

    In addition to these speakers we will have a policy update presentation from BEIS now that we are moving into the transition phase of Brexit with a newly elected government and manifesto. In the afternoon there will be a networking event where there will be the opportunity to explore gas market relevant projects such as the Gas Markets Plan, and our other focus areas for 2020.     The event registration link is: